FAQ (Pertanyaan Umum yang Sering Diajukan)

1. What is the difference between translation and interpretation?

Translation deals with the written word, while interpreting deals with the spoken word. Documents, web sites, contracts and patents are translated, while interpreting is provided in support of international conferences or in international meetings attended by people from many nations, where the attendees wear headphones or earpieces through which interpretation is provided by professional interpreters.

2. Why do companies use professional translation services?

Globalization has caused an explosion in the demand for reliable translation services. Major companies that compete for market share in international markets have learned that translating their products into local languages is essential to competitiveness. Moreover, the EU has mandated that products sold in the European member nations must be accompanied by translations in the local languages. Most large companies out source this requirement to specialized translation companies like Batam Translator, that has years of experience advising such companies on their language requirements, while also providing a comprehensive range of professional language services to meet these requirements.

3. How does one choose the right translation services company?

When you consider hiring a translation services agency, be cautious of those using translators who are not native speakers of the foreign language in question. Poorly translated documents or inaccurate interpretation can significantly alter a translation's meaning, which will injure a company's international reputation or elicit lawsuits. The most important the translator must have accreditation as Sworn and Authorized Translator.

4. How do you know that a translator is good?

First and foremost, good translators have a solid command of grammar and syntax in both the source and target languages. Good translators have a knack for balancing the content of the source document with the cultural and language-specific norms of the target language, and have the experience to know when to favor one concern over the other. Good translators keep their language skills current by reading newspapers, magazines, and professional journals from their native country that set the norms for current usage. Translation requires a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail. Beside that he must pass a translator qualification exam and earn himself a title of Sworn Translator.

5. Do you translate personal documents?

Yes. We translate personal documents. This includes birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates, school diplomas or records or any other personal documentation, and we also help you to legalize that document in Consulate or other concerned Department.

6. Can you translate/localize software?

We provide a full range of software localization services in many languages, an in-house localization testing lab and a full in-house engineering staff.

7. Can you translate/localize a web site?

We specialize in corporate web site localization for complex, multi-level sites in multiple languages.

8. Can you translate/localize computer-based training courses?

We provide comprehensive localization of CBT courseware in a wide variety of production formats. Our engineers work with your source files, including text, animation, flash, audio/video and other media to provide a seamless finished product. And we also help you in composing your training matter or your presentation subject in Microsoft power point format.

9. What is the turn around time for any service?

Turn-around times depend on many factors, such as the length of the project, the format in which it was produced, the complexity of layout and other elements that make up the translation. All translations must also pass through procedures mandated by our Quality Assurance Program. Once you send us an enquiry our sales representative can provide you with guidance on turn-around times. We work closely with our clients in order to accommodate their production timelines and requirements.

10. Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. We do offer discounts for bulk projects.

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