Multiple Entry Business Visa

Multiple Entry Business Visa is provided for business person who often need to come to Indonesia for business activities. Holder of this visa is allowed to do any business activities without earn money inside of Indonesia. Sponsorship should be the name of Indonesian company. The validity of this visa is 1 year. Applicant can get 60 days stay permit upon every arrival in Indonesia, but it can’t be extended. Multiple Entry Business Visa will be not expired even though the holder leaves Indonesia during the validity.

Subject of this visa is citizen of the following countries; Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Philippine, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Holland, Belgium, Finland, India, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Swiss, Italy, Austria, Spain, USA, Canada.

Documents required from the applicant:

  1. Color copy passport with all stamped pages, valid minimal 18 months.
  2. Red background Photographs. Sized 4x6cm = 2pcs.
  3. Applicant Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Color copy bank statement with minimum balance U$ 1,400.
  5. Schedule of business activity for 1 (one) year period, and please state the position in sponsor company
  6. Copy ticket (planning to collect visa and come to Indonesia).

Company documents required for the sponsorship (color copy):

  1. Copy of Company Act / Akta Pendirian
  2. Copy of Company Locality Letter / TDP
  3. Copy of Company Tax Number / NPWP
  4. Copy of Company Business License / SIUP / SITU
  5. Copy of Company Domicile / SKTU
  6. Organization Structure
  7. Copy of Director's ID card
  8. Original 2 pages of Company Letter Heads. Signed by the company director, and sealed with the company stamp.

The above application fee includes:

  1. Arrangement of Approval from Jakarta Immigration Head Office.

The above application fee doesn’t include:

  1. Visa application fee at the Embassy or Consulate of Indonesia.
  2. Air ticket, airport tax, accommodation or other travel costs.
  3. Translation fee for any documents.
  4. Any insurance and personal liability.
  5. Penalty of overstay fee.
  6. Other cost which is not mentioned on the “fee includes”.


  1. Please prepare all the above documents required from the applicant. Send them to Bali PAS as per address below or as these are copies may be forwarded by email to :
  2. Bali PAS shall arrange the approval from Immigration Head Office Jakarta. This process takes at least 15 working days.
  3. Bali PAS will send the approval together with the related documents to the applicant. This approval is valid for 2 months or as stated on the approval letter to apply the visa at the appointed Indonesian Embassy or Consulate.
  4. Please apply the visa at the appointed Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. Visa application fee is not included in our arrangement fee. There are differences in fees, terms and conditions almost in every Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. We recommend the applicant to ask to the Embassy or Consulate by themselves at where the visa application will be submitted. The Indonesian Embassy or Consulate is closed on Indonesian National holiday as well as country's own national holiday where they are.
  5. The Indonesian Embassy or Consulate will issue the visa based on their authority. Once the visa is granted and issued, please use the visa and enter Indonesia within 2 (two) months or as stated on the visa sticker so that the given visa is not expired.
  6. This visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issued. To extend this visa, please contact Bali PAS at least 1 month before the expiry date. Bali PAS shall arrange a new approval from the Immigration Head Office in Jakarta. The same procedure as obtaining a visa at the beginning.