Retirement KITAP for 5 Years

A Retirement KITAP is valid for 5 years and included 2 years Multiple Re Entry Permit.
KITAP could be applied after KITAS Holder is using KITAS 3 years with same sponsor.

Term and Condition:
Bali PAS is associated with Authorized Travel Agency Kuta Cemerlang Bali Jaya (KCBJ). Please visit their website KCBJ is operated since 1983, as one of a few travel agency granted permission to sponsor a retirement visa. KCBJ is located at the same address with Bali PAS.

Holders of this visa are not allowed to work, earn money inside Indonesia or involved by employment contract with any party, respect and obey the Indonesian and International laws, regulations and or public ethics. Any violations of the Indonesian laws, regulations, public ethic or any criminal case resulting from their misconduct and all kinds of taxes resulting from their existence in Indonesia will be their own responsibility. KCBJ only provides the sponsorship but KCBJ does not responsible for any of the matters mentioned above.

Documents required from the applicant (According to art 142.i, Government Regulation No.31 of 2013):

  1. Sponsor letter from appointed Travel Agency in Indonesia.
  2. Original passport, valid minimal 18 months also sufficient space for the Immigration Stamp.
  3. Original immigration control book (Blue Book).
  4. Original Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS)
  5. Statement from the bank or pension fund in home country or in Indonesia regarding the availability of funds to live in Indonesia last 3 months.
  6. Valid Health insurance, life insurance, and third party liability coverage (Original Card and Policy)
  7. Proof of residential status, new contract or rental agreement in Indonesia and copy ID card of Owner in Indonesia.
  8. Employment Letter. The applicant must employ at least one Indonesian citizen for informal assistance. Copy of Indonesian employee ID card is required.
  9. Red background photographs. Sized 4x6cm = 4pcs, 3x4cm = 6pcs.
  10. Applicant Curriculum Vitae and Declaration Form provided by Bali PAS.
  11. Resident Statement (Surat Keterangan Domisili) from the Head of Civil Registry.

Additional documents when the family members are involved and require a visa extension:

  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Copy of the children’s birth certificate
  • Copy of the family register
  • Red background photographs. Sized 4x6cm = 4pcs, 3x4cm = 6pcs.

The above application fee includes:

  1. KITAP (Limited Stay permit Card) from Immigration Office.
  2. Police documentation; Surat Tanda Melapor (STM).
  3. Sponsorship for 5 years.
  4. Multiple Re-Entry Permit 2 year.

The above application fee doesn’t include:

  1. EPO (Exit Permit Only) when the holder wishes to stop using the KITAS.
  2. Translation fee for any documents.
  3. Any insurance and personal liability.
  4. Penalty of overstay fee.
  5. Other cost which is not mentioned on the “fee includes”.


  1. Please prepare all the above documents required from the applicant at least 3 (three) months before the 1 year kitas expiry date. Send them to Bali PAS as per address below or contact us for pick up arrangement.
  2. Bali PAS shall arrange the extension immediately to apply a new KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) to the local Immigration Office, Regional Office (Kanwil) and Central Immigration Office Jakarta. This process takes about 2 months. During this process, Bali PAS will contact the applicant to come to the Immigration Office for photographs and fingerprints session.
  3. A 2 years Re-Entry Permit already included in the KITAP, this is required when the KITAP holder is going to leave Indonesia and wish to use the same visa on the way back to enter Indonesia.
  4. Extension KITAP performed more than 3 months before the expiry date.
  5. A police documentation called Surat Tanda Melapor (STM) will be processed and takes at least 2 weeks. This is the final step of your visa process.
  6. An Exit Permit Only (EPO) is required when a KITAP holder wishes to stop using their visa. Please contact Bali PAS at least 1 month before the expiry date of the KITAP or 1 week before exit from Indonesia (Ticket required).